Novick launches wearable 1.5 meter light signal

Both Novicks let you know by means of a light signal when someone comes too close. Novick only works from the front.

The whole of the Netherlands is preparing to participate in society again, preferably as normally as possible. WesselVerhoeff, sales manager of Novick: “Although we are now used to the plastic screens and the stickers on the floor, there is an increasing need for tools that remind us of the 1.5 meter without being emphatically present. Novick is such a product. A device around your neck emits a light signal when someone comes too close. “

According to Verhoeff, the product solves an important problem: “Now that the number of corona infections is decreasing, people are increasingly seeking each other out. The light signal works as a reminder that you do not observe the 1.5 meters. You don’t have to ask to keep your distance, you don’t have to download a privacy-sensitive app, and you don’t hear an annoying beep that only goes off when you take a step back. “

The gadget has already been picked up by companies with a lot of office workers and by operators of trade fair buildings and museums. The gadget is interesting in terms of price and can be provided with its own logo. According to Verhoeff, it is therefore not inconceivable that a supermarket chain will soon be showing interest, so that the gadget will also appear on the street.

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