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In addition to social and financial security and career opportunities, other factors have long been on the list of reasons that bind employees to their company. A good working atmosphere, a pleasant office atmosphere or more flexible working hours have long become reasons for or against a job. The manager also plays a very important role. If the dealings or management style do not fit, many employees are no longer afraid to quit because of this. So if you are a boss and want to retain your employees in the long term, you should definitely avoid the following mistakes.

# 1 injustice

Injustice and unfair behavior are not really appropriate in any job position. But especially as a boss you should make sure to treat your employees fairly. For example, if you let go of one mistake and not the other, distribute work unevenly so that the same employee always has the most tasks, or particularly support someone and neglect others, this will quickly become apparent and cause unrest among colleagues . Once there is resentment, it is difficult to reverse it.

# 2 Don’t listen

It is particularly important that the communication between the boss and the employee is correct so that there can be no misunderstandings. It is fundamental that the communication is not only one-sided and consists of instructions from your side that should be followed. Employee feedback is also a building block in the communication chain that forms the basis for a successful company. So listen to what your employees have to say, take feedback, problems, concerns seriously and take criticism. Only when your employees feel heard will they feel they are making a meaningful contribution.

# 3 employee overload

Managers quickly tend to give their best employees the most work. After all, they always master every task, work overtime without complaining and seemingly always have a solution ready. Don’t forget, however, that even your most stress-resistant employee has limited capacity and will eventually run out of energy. In order to have healthy, satisfied and efficient employees in the long term, you should not overload them permanently.

# 4 arrogance

Regardless of whether you work in a company that is structured according to a classic hierarchy or in a more relaxed manner: arrogance is out of place. If you, as the boss, give the impression that you think you are something better, the employees will quickly feel inadequate. Rather shine with your leadership skills, your achievements and set a good example with your work ethic. This will automatically earn you respect from your employees.

# 5 inconsistency

Perhaps it happens quite unconsciously that you make promises now and then that you cannot keep in the end. Sometimes the intention is certainly not malicious. Nonetheless, inconsistency can become a big problem if your employees realize that you are unable to keep your word no matter what. At some point you will no longer be believed and you will no longer be taken seriously in your role. So be consistent, keep your promises and act on your announcements.

# 6 Too little humanity

Of course there is an enormous amount of pressure on your shoulders and in the end you have to answer for the numbers or stand for mistakes that have happened. However, your employees are much more than numbers on paper. They are human beings and as such also controlled by emotions. Too little humanity in the workplace can quickly lead to frustration and a hypothermic mood. Set the tone here, inquire about your employees, deliberately distribute praise and give feedback, because everyone likes to be valued. Always be open and eager so that no employee is afraid to contact you. You will notice that this creates an echo and you can increase motivation and commitment.

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