Koeckebackers introduces a 1.5 meter ‘koeck’ for a safe workplace

Two tubes form the safe distance of 1.5 meters. With this original find, Koeckebackers offers employers ‘the ideal gift to welcome their employees back to the workplace’. It is a playful way to measure and get used to working a meter and a half away from each other. In turn, employers contribute to an inclusive labor market by buying the tubes.

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“The fear of the virus and the concern for our safety has created a great distance from each other. The quarantined distance does not feel pleasant to many, ‘said Marien Meurs, director and co-owner of the Koeckebackers. ‘However, the corona crisis not only brings all the misery for entrepreneurs and employees who are working from home or at risk of losing their jobs, but also a lot of beauty and a strong sense of solidarity. We help each other by buying our groceries locally. By buying gift cards on or by helping the neighbor now that she can better stay inside. A trend that makes us as Koeckebackers happy. A society that looks after each other, helps each other. That’s exactly how we see the world ahead of us. For more than 6 years we have been committed to reducing the distance to the labor market for some 650,000 talented people who have been away from work for much longer than the duration of this pandemic. By eating our koeck, you offer them a chance to shine. Where 1.5 meters feels like a great distance for many, for those who have been sidelined for longer, it is closer than ever. ”

Koeckebackers is, in his own words, ‘a koeck brand that tries to create as many opportunities as possible for people who cannot independently connect to the labor market’. People who are basically able to participate fully, but often have a challenge with regard to self-confidence, have not completed their education, have had a difficult childhood or struggle with a psychological work disability and see no perspective. Because of this situation they are at a distance and they are often not given the opportunity to shine. They are offered a job at Koeckebackers through Open Hiring (assumption without an application procedure, ed.), With which they earn a full salary. In addition, they are made aware of their own pitfalls and talents. Together with Joep Langen, psychologist and co-owner of Koeckebackers, they discover what it takes to take a successful step on the labor market. By baking ‘koeck’ they are reconnected to the labor market.

Buy sleeves for inclusion
One 75 cm tube contains four packages, each with 150 grams of ‘koeck’. The tubes are for sale for € 16.95 each (ex shipping) via A volume discount applies for larger quantities. You can request more information about this via email address For more information click here.

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