Home office – forever?

The country switched to home office within three weeks. Will workers return to open plan offices like this?
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Not only employees, but also employers discovered the advantages of home office for themselves during the crisis. So will we need fewer office properties in the future and what does that mean for investors?

I.n Only three weeks was a success in Germany, which had been discussed almost without result for a decade before: The country has switched to home office. Now part of the employees are gradually returning to the offices. But by no means all: Not only internet companies with a feel-good factor for employees are currently considering a permanent home office – also hard-working service providers. Many companies do not yet want to officially comment on the future of home work. Internally, however, employees already mean that they may not even have to come back to the office.

“The home office will remain with us even after the crisis – many employees will not even return from the home office,” says Frank Riemensperger, Germany managing director of management consultancy Accenture. His company is currently discussing exactly how to do this. In addition, one is in discussion with 20 large companies on this topic as a consultant. Many open-plan offices are not designed to allow 100 percent of the workforce to return under corona conditions. That is the highest for 20 to 30 percent. For the rest, the question of mobile work and home office arises. SAP, for example, has already announced that it will be able to work in its home office by the end of the year.

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