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Fit 4 Resilience will guide you out of the crisis

The Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, presented a new tool to help companies define a strategy for the future. Luxinnovation is responsible for supporting voluntary companies.



The Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, presented a new tool to help companies define a strategy for the future. Luxinnovation is responsible for supporting voluntary companies.

We die or come out of a crisis. Obviously, Luxembourg has chosen the second path. The first ten billion euros of the stabilization plan had helped cushion the shock; the 800 million expected via the restart plan should restart the economy. And among the measures of this pack unveiled on May 20, figure business support to orient them towards better days. He was missing a name and a manual: the operation will be called Fit 4 Resilience and its guide will be Luxinnovation.

In presenting the device on Friday, the Minister of Economy Franz Fayot (LSAP) did not cry out for the miracle solution, preferring instead to rely on the pragmatism of this approach including the State will bear 50% of the costs. Companies volunteering for this program should approach Luxinnovation. With its 36 years of experience, the national agency for the promotion of research and innovation was given the mandate to support the project.

Politik, Sommerinterview Pierre Gramegna, Minister der Finanzen, Foto: Guy Wolff / Luxemburger Wort

The restart pact, announced Wednesday by the Prime Minister, was detailed by the Minister of Finance. An additional plan of “700 to 800 million euros” dedicated to allowing everyone to “play the game of liquidity”.

Depending on the type of company (size, products, sectors, financial situation), Luxinnovation will find the right ones consultants who will deliver from 5 to 25 days with the voluntary firm. A time taken advantage of to define strengths and weaknesses of the structure but, also and above all, to discover the opportunities that open up for the future. “So you have to take Fit 4 Resilience as a strategic innovation program, “said the minister.

And Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation to take over: “To define their repositioning plan, companies will therefore benefit from in-depth support but above all from an action plan specific to their reality”. Consultants recruited will therefore experts in the field of activity of the requesting companies, and capable of analyzing external factors (market, competition, products, supply chain, logistics, distribution network) as well as internal (working methods, production process, level of digitalization) that may have been upset by the crisis of the past few months.

I hope to infect many people with my enthusiasm for this program

Gérard Zoller, CEO Robin Paintings

Who is the measurement for? There, the Ministry of Economy has targeted wide. Manufacturing companies, craft SMEs, large firms, wholesalers or large traders: everyone can register online for this support. And for the moment, the budget granted by the government has not been limited. “Let’s say that a low estimate of support for fifty companies should cost around 750,000 € to public finances,” says Sasha Baillie. Everything will depend on the success of the operation, and the time spent on consultancy.

But nothing like a field ambassador to validate the system. Hence the interest of the presence alongside Franz Fayot of the boss of the company Peintures Robin, Gérard Zoller. He “served as a guinea pig,” as the socialist minister says. “Zero patient”, corrects the person very happy to have benefited from this cure in preview. For several weeks now, the SME has been serving as a pioneer site for Fit 4 Resilience. Fifteen days of follow-up by a consultant, a plan for the future redefined and obviously the entrepreneur has found a smile.

So, saved Gérard Zoller’s business? He does not say it. But the one who spent a few sleepless nights when he noticed that his turnover had dropped by 80-90%, shows a real enthusiasm for the treatment administered. Because tomorrows were built with the consultants and Luxinnovation. How to anchor stronger and locally the company, the only lacquer producer in the Greater Region. Why not get closer to the SuperDrecksKëscht which collects nearly two million liters of paint each year. Recovering this windfall to re-use it is an interesting and sustainable way forward.

Will the example of Robin Paintings be followed? In any case, the device Fit 4 Resilience was launched until December 31, 2020 to benefit a maximum of companies.


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