Sectors business winner The Best Social Awards has won no fewer than four prizes: in the categories Best Community Management, Best Copywriting, Best Innovation and Best Webcare.

Diederik Broekhuizen, founder of The Best Social: “Unbelievably good that has again won so many prizes. Not only are they super visible, they have been doing this at a high creative level for years. “ is closely followed by Videoland with two awards. They managed to shock the whole of the Netherlands with the documentary Bont Girl by Famke Louise by suggesting that fur had been incorporated in her new clothing line. During the launch event it soon became clear that it was a stunt and they managed to make a clear statement against fur. The launch event and documentary ensured that Videoland received both the award for Best Positive Impact and Best Launch. Surprisingly, the Best Brand award, partially chosen by the public, went to Netflix this year.

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn also won two prizes. By hooking up around Pride with the baskets of the competitors, Albert Heijn has beautifully expressed the message “love for everyone”. With this message, Albert Heijn won the award for Best Inhaker. They have also received the award for Best Influencer Campaign. In this campaign, Vjeze Fur and Kay Nambiar show through funny sketches that the language around drinking wine does not have to be complicated and old-fashioned.


Interpolis received the award for Best Video. In collaboration with rapper Snel they made a video clip based on the harsh reality of the dangers of telephone use on the bicycle. Dept took home the award for Best Agency. Other winners are Pathé (Best Augmented Reality), National Government (Best Campaign), Paul Snijder (Best Talent) and Oud & Opnieuw (Best Vertical Video). The winners were chosen by a professional jury consisting of 33 professionals who work at NOS, Google, Wavemaker, Pathé and A Million Faces, among others.

The Best Social Awards will be streamed live on two evenings. The livestream for the corporate awards took place today and tomorrow evening the audience awards will be broadcast live. The Best Social Awards is supported this year by Qmusic, Boomerang, Snap, Triple8, Somention, Bud and United.

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