Bitcoin on May 27, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) at the level of 9 140 USD today, May 27, 2020, at the time of writing this article: a sober announcement, we are not going to make a big deal for a BTC that returns above the 9 000 USD. Nothing like criticism of Bitcoin for running bulls? Well, everyone has their source of motivation.

Today’s event…

The day is marked by the meeting organized by Goldman sachs around Bitcoin. Many bitcoiners expected a market bullish in the wake of this event. Except that in the end, Goldman Sachs basically advised its customers not to position themselves on Bitcoin, considered to be “Not being a real asset”, among other comments, not the most tender for digital gold.

The perfect time to remember the opinion of postal services on email in the 90s, or that of the CEO of Universal Pascal Negre on the emergence of dematerialized music in 2001 (” Internet ? it will never work “).

However, the day is indeed in the green for Bitcoin with a daily gain of 4% currently, and this despite the fire of criticism from ” experts “By Goldman Sachs – there is the term Gold so, it may be related to Peter schiff.

Maybe waiting for a detailed tweet from Tea Wolf of All Streets, zoom in on some hot reactions from the twittos behind the oldest crypto.

… Who disappointed or above?

The harsh criticism of Goldman sachs look a little like what you hear from every corner of the critics’ Twitter accounts BTC : this is not an asset – in reality, this is true because it is more than just an active Bitcoin is used in scams, it will not protect against inflation, etc.

In short, nothing new in reality even if it still hurts the eyes and ears of the ardent defenders of Bitcoin.

Cameron Winklevoss reacted by recalling that Bitcoin was recognized as an asset by the CFTC in 2015. It is an asset whose price varies according to supply and demand. Bitcoin would therefore be found alongside yellow gold and black gold – well, it’s not very flattering given the negative price of crude oil a few weeks ago.

Bitcoiner and founder of and of, Cory Klippsten, directly attacked Goldman sachs, recalling their lack of transparency during the subprime crisis. Why would this old investment bank disclose all the right cards to its customers today?

The founder of Digital Currency Group, at ” fair Notes that the market capitalization of Bitcoin is greater than that of Goldman sachs.

Pending more detailed and nuanced analysis of the meeting hosted by Goldman Sachs, the report could be summed up in one simple sentence: Goldman Sachs does not recommend Bitcoin to its customers – was it really necessary to have a meeting with all the tam tam on social media, to say that ? If Bitcoin is not a currency or an asset, I would say that BTC is a bet – the basis of market finance, I see hairs bristling – and faith in the emergence of a new finance independent of the interests of a privileged few in this world.

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