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Third episode of our saga “Adopt a Crypto Project”, with the pleasure of presenting another French project today. And yes, France has no shortage of innovative ideas in the field of Blockchain. The project proposed today for adoption focuses on the advertising sector, which it intends to revolutionize, nothing less. It aims to provide greater transparency while paying everyone at their fair value without delay in payment. He plans to automate advertising campaigns to increase their efficiency while reducing costs. I ask you to host the Smart Advertising Transaction Token or SaTT for friends.

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Advertising in the past, the present … and the future!

As far as we can go back in human history, the notions of publicity and D‘affecting have always existed. Advertising has, over the centuries, been able to use the new technologies to develop and gradually intrude into our lives.

Ah, nostalgia for old pubs…

The democratization of social networks has given birth to new patterns and in children’s dreams, a new profession is now tending to replace the classic firefighter and police officer: influencers.

Difficult indeed to deny it, the sector – we could even start talking about industry – influencers are fashionable and the big brands have understood this! According to some studies, a third of well-known brands have an influencer marketing budget of more than half a million dollars.

Alas, this area remains for many a smell of sulfur, the fault of a lack of transparency and honesty both on the side of advertisers and that of influencers.

Fortunately, a technology that you start to know well, if you read our articles regularly, is revolutionizing many areas. Why should advertising be out of it?

Advertisers and influencers? Different issues, same fights!

Today, advertising campaigns face various problems depending on which side of the mirror you are on.

On the advertiser side

Let’s do a little exercise and just put ourselves in place of Cameron, which carries out an advertising campaign for its company:

With the rise of influencers, it is now difficult to sort out the different profiles. Cameron doesn’t really have the time to take a look at the options available to him one by one.

  1. Turn to a strong influencer of great renown and having already proven itself. Problem: who says high profile also says fewer opportunities to negotiate contract terms. Cameron will surely have to put his hand in the pocket and pay an advance in cash, potentially significant.
  2. Turn to an influencer of low renown who still needs to prove himself. The budding influencer may be more affordable, but if he hasn’t transformed the essay yet, there may be a reason. And Cameron may not achieve the planned goals at all.

Worse still: whatever the final choice, some recurring problems will remain:

  • How to get the certainty that the final promotion will meet expectations?
  • How much time spent at check that the conditions of the partnership are well respected?
  • What delay between the investment and the result produced by the influencer?
  • How? ‘Or’ What quantify effectiveness different influencers to pay them only at fair value?
  • How? ‘Or’ What optimize the budget by spending only the bare necessities to reach the goal?
  • How to be sure that the results obtained will be authentic ?

Influencer side

On the influencer side, newcomers are the most affected, let’s put it this time in place of Bob.

Bob’s community is starting to grow and he will finally be able to live from his passion! It only remains to find a company that accepts to work with him. Bob had never thought about it before but:

  • As a new influencer, how to find projects to prove itself?
  • How will he certainty of being paid finally ?
  • It takes on average between 30 and 90 days before receiving a payment, what will Bob do in the meantime?
  • Bob will he be paid at fair value according to his performances ?
  • How to obtain verifiable data allowing it to increase these?

Fortunately for Cameron and Bob, the answer to all these questions – and a few others – is already available, it is French, and it is already functional. Her name ? SaTT

SaTT, the advertising token

ATAYEN, Inc, a French company almost 10 years old!

Before talking about the project itself, it is first necessary to mention the team and his experience in the sector. And luckily for us, the people of investors, the members from ATAYEN, the entity behind SaTT, has a solid background in the sector they aim to revolutionize.

It all started in 2011 when two young entrepreneurs (Gauthier bros and Stephanie Clément), develop tools and applications to facilitate advertising on Facebook pages. Six operational applications, 500,000 users and 4 years later, ATAYEN, Inc. is born.

Atayen and its CEO Gauthier Bros

In 2015, the company was noticed by two investment funds, The DOT and Kima Venture, the investment fund of Xavier Niel, the dad of Free.

By analyzing the needs of their different customers, ATAYEN, Inc. quickly realizes that the values ​​of transparency and automation Blockchain are the fundamentals of the new era of advertising.

In early 2018, they launched their ICO to finance the development of SaTT, a platform advertising decentralized on the Blockchain Ethereum.

After more than 2 years of development and ICO, here they are back to present the fruit of their work and the least we can say, the result is up to expectations!

SaTT, blockchain-style advertising!

SaTT is a decentralized platform allowing a simplified exchange between influencer and advertiser. Posed like that, it sounds simple, but the air of nothing it is the kind of service that perfectly embodies the beginnings of the decentralized economy with promising blockchain technology.

Quentin Herbrecht, CEO of Markchain and advisor at SaTT drives the point home:

“In addition to the incredible potential of the project, it was important as an actor in the advertising market to get involved in such a process. Indeed decentralization within this industry turns out to be a considerable advantage, and I have no doubt that many other agencies will soon be using the SaTT solution. “

Quentin Herbrecht

Today this platform works with 4 of the biggest social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube). Note that this recent implementation found an echo among our American colleagues from CoinTelegraph. The mechanics are simple, the SaTT platform analyzes data from different social networks (like, views, shares, etc.) and processes them.

To shine during your next social meetup, know that this communication between the external and internal world of the Ethereum Blockchain is done through what is called a Oracle.

SaTT therefore has 4 separate oracles, one for each of the social networks previously mentioned. If the different conditions are met, Dapps (Decentralized Application) and smart contracts allow the release of a pay in SaTT, depending on the advertiser’s campaign settings.

Let’s simplify it all by finding Cameron and Bob where we left them.

Cameron using the SaTT platform can set your budget in the smallest details.

The reward for a tweet? For a view on a video Youtube ? for a share sure Facebook ? Cameron just has to define the amount of SaTT he will pay for each action. By using the SaTT platform, Cameron no longer even has to choose between different influencers, he just has to let them spontaneously join the campaign, comply with the required standards and start immediately fulfilling their mission: bring it audience and visibility!

Precisely (all this is decidedly very well done) Bob discovers Cameron’s campaign on the SaTT platform of which he has become a loyal user. He thinks he could use his Twitter community to give it visibility. So he submits his Tweet and then waits for validation from Cameron. The oracle Twitter on the SaTT platform will then analyze its data in real time (number of retweet, like ..) and recover it.

A minute later Bob receives payment in SaTT. No more waiting times and insecurity about not being paid. Indeed with the transparency allowed by the Blockchain, he knows that advertisers have more to lose than to gain by not paying him.

Note in passing that with this system, everyone can project themselves as an influencer and try their luck on the decentralized market. The immediacy of the process and the incentive model of SaTT make the operation not only profitable, but also playful.

The SaTT process for fair remuneration for advertisers and influencers

ATAYEN having developed its own decentralized exchange baptized, Bob can then easily exchange his SaTT for any cryptocurrency.

The saTT exchange, 3xchange

Note that, unlike a classic campaign, Cameron and Bob see the results of their actions in real time and make sure everyone is paid at fair value. By analyzing their results they will be able to determine live what works and what works less well.

3 reasons to adopt SaTT

  1. The seniority and persistence of the team : there are few Blockchain projects with a team evolving for almost 10 years in the sector which it proposes to revolutionize!
  2. A product real and already functional, which you too can test to win your first SaTT!
  3. A vision to target adoption: an easy-to-use wallet and a decentralized exchange to support users from A to Z.


If the application of Blockchain to advertising is not a new idea, the choice of ATAYEN to focus on simplifying the interaction between advertisers and influencers is likely to pay off.

With Uncle Google’s announcement to delete advertising cookies within 2 years, new models are bound to emerge. With an already functional platform and an experienced team in this field, ATAYEN represents perhaps the best opportunity for France to be one of the leaders of these new models. The only question that ultimately remains is named after a game developed by ATAYEN: “When Moon?”

Warning : Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Find the other projects proposed for adoption in the previous episodes.

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