Wirecard share: How quickly will the disappointment be overcome? – chart analysis

And again: As soon as the technical potential of the Wirecard share builds up, there is negative news. This time from the company itself: Once again, the publication of the annual report for 2019 has to be postponed – more on this in our report linked below. This puts plenty of pressure on Wirecard’s share price this morning, which ended yesterday’s XETRA trading at € 87.15. This morning, the current indications a few minutes before the start of XETRA trading are only just below the 83 euro mark. However, one can imagine that the setback could be overcome more quickly this time by postponing the balance sheet template – but that remains to be seen.

Technically, the re-confirmation of an obstacle zone between 84.08 / 85.78 euros with the core hurdle at 84.78 / 85.78 euros and 87.59 / 89.61 euros, which has come into play several times in the last few days, is more difficult: Am May 14 was the daily high at 87.59 euros and on May 20 at 87.02 euros. Yesterday, EUR 87.15 was added – daily high and closing price in XETRA trading for the Wirecard share at the same time. The zone at this point is gradually developing into a short-term important signal mark for the DAX stock. The counterpart on the bottom remains the supports between 79.68 / 80.08 euros and 81.38 / 82.00 euros as well as the previous Corona / KPMG crash low for Wirecards share price at EUR 72.00.

It remains on the bullish side: If the Wirecard share succeeds in the near future, despite the current stressful news situation from yesterday evening, a stable jump over the obstacle between 84.08 / 85.78 euros and above all 87.59 / 89.61 euros, The possible test of various trading hurdles at 94.33 / 95.78 euros and above, already outlined in the 4investors chartcheck for Wirecard shares, could be realized at and above the 100 euro mark

Important technical data on the Wirecard share:

Last share price: EUR 87.15 (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Charting trends:

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 66.54 euros / 110.04 euros
EMA 20: 88.29 euros
EMA 50: 99.42 euros
EMA 200: 116.85 euros

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