Research: working from home is here to stay

An important reason for this is that not having travel time has many advantages. This way one can organize his or her own time better and there is more time for family life. This is evident from research by Intermediair and Nationale Vacaturebank among more than 1,000 Dutch people.

It is impossible to imagine working from home after September

Despite the relaxation of the measures, working from home will continue until September. There appears to be sufficient support for this. Research by Intermediair and Nationale Vacaturebank indicates 53% of the respondents think positively about working from home. In addition, 49% of the respondents would like to continue working (partly) from home even after the COVID-19 measures. This is considerably higher for VMBO educated students: 68 percent of the respondents want to work from home more often in the future. It is also expected that the employer will soon offer more space for this.

Less travel time means more time for family and sports

The reduction of travel time offers many advantages. For example, people can organize their own time better (61%) and 29% indicate that they have more quality time for family life.

People without children indicate that they exercise more than before (24%). People without children can also concentrate better at home than at the workplace (43%). This does not apply to people with children: only 13% say they exercise more and 25% say they can concentrate better.

colleagues are missed

The chat at the coffee machine is missed. 59% say they miss their colleagues. Among HBO and WO graduates, even 65% indicate that colleagues are missed. We also miss the change in environment (39%). Maarten Naaijkens of Nationale Vacaturebank: “Work is always approached economically, but it also has a large social component. The chat at the coffee machine is clearly missed. Work in the office is therefore not fully interchangeable with working from home ”. It is also worrying that one in five respondents indicate that they have back and / or neck complaints. For 13%, loneliness is a reason to want to go to the office.

1.5 meter society does not work in the office

Working Netherlands expects little from the practical implementation of the 1.5 meter approach in the workplace. When asked “I think it is impossible at work to maintain the 1.5 meter distance”, 41% indicate that they (strongly) agree. 34% think it is possible.

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