‘85% of restaurant visitors want to eat out less after 1 June ‘

However, 70% of the respondents plan to visit their favorite catering establishments once and 91% think that restaurants should continue to offer meals (box) for at home. The poll is a collaboration between Waar Nederland Eet, Het Foodatelier and Lekker Sociale Media.

Compulsory reservation and choosing a time slot is no problem
One of the conditions of the cabinet for catering visits is that guests must reserve a place in the store in advance. Of the 4149 restaurant visitors who completed the poll, 90% indicate that they are fine with that. 21% indicate that they have already reserved a place. Choosing a time slot is also no problem for 86% of the respondents. That’s good news for restaurants that plan to welcome guests in shifts. For example, they can run the maximum permitted number of 30 people several times a day. This increases turnover and is good for bonding with regular guests.

Restaurants that want to increase the average turnover per visitor by requiring them to take a three-course dinner are less popular. In that case, 45% of the restaurant visitors indicate that they do not go to the restaurant in question.

Floor Eizema, founder of Waar Nederland Eet and Lekker Social Media: ‘In recent days we have seen providers of booking platforms publish figures that seem to show that the catering industry will soon be storming. The restaurant visitor himself has not been questioned so far. That was the reason for us to ask more than 60,000 food lovers in the Netherlands for their opinion. Our followers are usually avid restaurantgoers. The numbers are clear: although 70% plan to visit their favorite catering business, 85% also think they eat out less often than before. They just as well order a meal box for the home. “

Restaurant visitors find good hygiene important
The poll also provides insight into how restaurant visitors like to see that catering staff deal with hygiene in the business. For example, 31% believe that they should wear a mask and 47% believe that they should wear gloves. 58% of the respondents also like disinfection gel on every table.

Mariana Gelici, trend researcher at Het Foodatelier: ‘You see that restaurant visitors want to enjoy particularly good food, but at the same time do not want to worry about any risk of contamination. This is reflected in a need for good hygiene in the catering industry, but also in the fact that we can conclude from the open answers in the poll that they initially choose restaurants where they also liked to go before the corona closure. There they know what to expect. The environment feels familiar. ”

‘Luxury meal (box) from restaurants also popular throughout the Netherlands after 1 June’
No less than 91% of the respondents think that restaurants should continue to offer their meal (box) after 1 June. In this regard, food lovers in the Netherlands are strikingly united. The poll made a distinction between eight different Dutch cities: Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Den Bosch, The Hague, Haarlem and Arnhem. Twente was included as a region in the survey. In all places, the percentage of respondents who believe that restaurants should continue to offer the meal (box) after 1 June is around 91%. The catering sector thus seems to have definitively paved the way for experiencing a unique restaurant experience at home.

The initiators of the poll – Waar Nederland Eet, Het Foodatelier and Lekker Sociale Media – hope to publish the figures for catering entrepreneurs to provide more insight into what they can expect after 1 June 2020, so that they can make well-informed choices.

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(source and photo: The Food Workshop, Architects in Food & Business innovations)

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