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Since the coronavirus outbreak, hundreds of people with questions and complaints have reported to the Longfonds. Ex-corona patients can go to Coronalongplein for information about complaints and recovery and to share experiences with fellow sufferers. The platform was developed in collaboration with the Long Alliance Netherlands. One Shoe is responsible for the UX, visual design and development of the platform.

Michael Rutgers, General Manager of the Longfonds, says: “Corona takes our breath away. The virus makes it immediately clear how important healthy lungs are. We fight for people with lung disease and for everyone who has permanent lung damage from the coronavirus. “

Michel van Velde, CEO of One Shoe, added: ‘Together with the Longfonds team, we managed to realize a platform in a short time where ex-corona patients feel at home and come into contact with fellow sufferers. Our experience shows that these types of community websites are of great value in times of uncertainty or illness. I am proud that we can contribute to this. “

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