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The science behind “downturn marketing” at Harvard started the recession of 1920/21 and is solid. It is also simple logic: if everyone is sitting still and you are not, you win. It is a “double whammy”: you double “share of voice” and buy cheap ad space. I get this from So do not sit still, and if you did, it is time to take action. The story on MT is mainly about what to do based on your marketing budget. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of options: deeper content through alternative channels. Think of podcasts, interviews, guerrilla marketing, PR, sponsors, branded content and influencers. And yes, soon again events and congresses. In short, everything that can go viral on its own substantive strength is extremely smart. It makes sense, as long as the suppliers do not become the child of the bill as a result of the thought “content does not cost so much” or “we can do it ourselves”.

Sprout even writes that marketing is all about being visible. “But that does not always have to be original, creative or innovative. In fact. Recycling old content often works fine. Even newspapers do that regularly. So take an old campaign off the shelf. Update what is needed and look back in your statistics what you should have learned so that you can apply it immediately. Or look at content on your website that already scores quite well on Google. Often you can suddenly move up a lot of positions with a limited number of adjustments to old content. “I am horrified by this kind of advice. The driver team that lets older or inexperienced mechanics walk around in the pitch loses due to a pit stop that takes too long. “The trick is to think editorially: what brand content is strong enough to stand on its own two feet? What people pick up without having to push them, “writes the same MarketingTribune. My advice: hire the professionals, especially if your budget is limited. And actually you should mainly involve your local experts. You do not have to make video calls, because personal contact is still more effective. As a marketer, do you actually have any idea what your local market has to offer in terms of marketing services? When I take a stroll through my city, I pass three content agencies and four studios within 500 meters. I have not looked at the websites of these agencies, but I am convinced that their clients are spread across the country. So what, video calling is becoming the trend, but why not focus on the region? We crave human contact, also within the business community. Discover the road to local businesses.

I read a few things on that you could now inspire. Whether you are a marketer or content marketer, with a brand or service provider or as an agency or self-employed person. How is the website visit, for example. Is there a decrease or an increase? What do you see from the session time? Has it increased or decreased? If the visitors stay longer than before, you will learn that what you could adjust or use even more. In general, people have more time, including more time to search the web or view your website more thoroughly.

We must avoid content debauchery. Do not flout the quality standards. On this website I read: “People seem to become more people again. I see that we have been able to let go of the pursuit of perfection, so that contact and communication often feel sincere. “That is why post-covid audiences will also expect other content. Make sure your content continues to touch your audience by renewing your brand values, content strategy and tone of voice now. The keywords for engaging content experiences are: empathy, humanity, authenticity, interaction, multi-media and depth. “But please enjoy professional and perfect content made by professionals, whether internal or external.

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