GDV scores an own goal in virus crisis

It’s about the business closure insurance (BSV). Here, some insurers are currently jeopardizing the cover letter. This has met with great criticism from customers and insurance sales. The industry association GDV plays an important role in this. Instead of putting the insurance product, which makes sense for corporate customers, but is not yet very widespread, into the spotlight and thus create new sales potential, the GDV has entered into a communication disaster. The association has failed to present its own industry solution for the apparently holey BSV.

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, the GDV only made a statement (website) about the functioning of the BSV, including a. emphasized that the BSV only occurs if the competent authority orders the closure. At this time, however, many companies had to close without an official order. Only after great pressure from many companies, but also from broker sales, which in the past have mediated these policies with a clear conscience, have many insurers recently joined the Bavarian government’s initiative to introduce BSV for hotel and restaurant operators. Some insurers are now offering their BSV customers a payment of 15% of the contractually agreed daily allowance. Lt. The initiative should be half of the customer’s calculated economic damage (average values) after taking state benefits into account.

For Hans-Georg Jenssen, Managing Director of the BDVM Broker Association, this is “a step in the right direction”. However, he believes a “legal house fight” is possible because not all insurers are involved and the calculation of compensation raises many questions. Little support comes from GDV President Wolfgang Weiler. In his statement, he says: “Disasters are part of our business model”, to put them into perspective a few sentences later: “Goodwill has its limits”. The industry has missed the sensible positioning of the BSV.

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