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FinanceFWD podcastMeinhard Benn: “The dream was to build a money machine”

Meinhard Benn founded his first company in 1999.

In his youth he taught himself how to code, later he traveled around the world on a folding bike and joined the eco movement: Meinhard Benn does not have the typical founding curriculum vitae.

The 42-year-old finally founded his start-up Satoshi Pay out of the crypto community, which enables small payments on the Internet and is used, for example, by Axel Springer Verlag. But the plans for his blockchain start-up are now much larger: he wants to enable companies to easily send large amounts of money back and forth between countries. We talked about it in the podcast at the end of February.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Benn talks about …

… His youth as a programmer
… His first start-up after leaving school
… His trip around the world on a folding bike
… the idea behind the crypto start-up Satoshi Pay
… the big plan behind the idea

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