Diederik Broekhuizen: Corona has emphasized impact social once again

The presentation of The Best Social Awards is split into two days: today the presentation will take place for Business, the business variant, and on Thursday 28 May for audience, with the audience voting for their favorite. In the business categories, companies such as, Venz, Interpolis, Pathé and Videoland have a chance of winning an award.

What trends / developments do you see with regard to social media with regard to corona?
Broekhuizen: “In recent years, the discourse on social media has been quite negative every year. Privacy scandals, fake news, filter bubbles… it didn’t stop there. I think that for the first time in ages we have clearly seen the power of social through corona. It brought people closer, it offered so many possibilities for communication and people were alone at home, but often felt less alone because of social. The stories that we shared on The Best Social Media were really heartwarming and beautiful initiatives arose to help or entertain each other. I wonder if this period will lead to an extra long-term revival of social media. “

Do marketers now use social media more or should they?
“No, I think less. In the beginning you mainly saw fear to communicate and that now seems to improve, but it is still mainly news and people that predominate, brands are still the least visible party. I think many brands need to reinvent themselves a bit. Hard sales are difficult now and how do you suddenly go live with your team? These are challenging times for marketers. Today, the (online) public is sensitive to authentic messages that strike a chord. So with the right sentiment, there is certainly something to gain, but caution is advised. ”

These are challenging times for marketers. Today, the (online) public is sensitive to authentic messages that strike a chord.

The role of social media has increased enormously during corona times, will this continue to be the case in the post-corona era?
“I think the weather will level off a bit more, but some new uses (like going more live, doing more from home) won’t just disappear. Social media has become even more important, and I think you can even conclude that there was a real need for it. So perhaps the role of social media is increasing especially with the parties that did not use it much for corona, and have realized the social impact of corona. “

To have The Best Social Awards gained in value in the past period?
“I certainly think so. We saw that in the amount of attention. Our visitor numbers have never been higher and we received a record number of votes (244,000). I certainly think that there is always a need for interpretation and the creative inspiration of our awards is crucial even today. We also believe that it has become even more clear that social media, with all its creators and creativity, is a place to celebrate. “

In your view, what is the biggest challenge for social media, and then also with regard to marketing, in the coming months?
“I think many companies are now surviving and or adapting to this time. Then social marketing quickly catches up. So the challenge is to dare to be creative again and to take risks. “

What will the world look like in 5 months if you let social and marketing take the lead?

“Still more livestreams, even more TikTok, more from home and more depth. But also think that for the first time we will need even more offline. Now we still needed social to connect with friends, family and colleagues. We will mainly want to rest again, I think. And that is also allowed. I will also do it myself after The Best Social Awards. “

Photo credit: Kirsten van Santen.

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