[video] May 27: Sandenburg Breakfast Meet-up about the (sales) power of experience

Retail and brand experts Markus Konings and Rupert Parker Brady talk to Renze and two experience experts: Wiebe Willig (Cheese factory Henri Willig) about ‘cheese experience’ and Esdert Prins (G4S) about innovations with money solutions. Media partner is Marketing Stand. Make a note in your agenda and follow the conversation live via this direct connection to the studio. Or even easier: look at the window below.

The guests are as said Renze de Vries, director / partner DST – The experience agency. He is the author of the new e-book “Experience driven sales. The impact of perception in sales processes. ” At the table are two directors of large companies who have developed an experience with DST.

That is Wiebe Willig, Managing Director Henri Willig Group. This ‘cheese king of the Netherlands’ has three cheese farms in North Holland, including Catharina Hoeve Zaanse Schans (125,000 visitors per year), the Kaaswaag in Edam and 24 cheese shops, two of which are in Germany and one in Austria. Many of his Henri Willig stores also contain a museum. He also owns the Cheese & More by Henri Willig stores. The newest store has opened in Leidsendam in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands.

They join us Esdert Prins, Head of Solutions Development, G4S Global Cash Division. (the case is also mentioned in the e-book). Prins also opened a G4S Innovation Center six years ago at the head office in Utrecht. This experience connects personal interaction with modern technology. G4S offers entrepreneurs and companies a thorough analysis of their own situation, based on the 7C system: Cost efficiency, Cash flow, Convenience, Control, Continuity, Customer focus, Crime prevention. The center is divided into why, how and what spaces. Visitors first undergo a mindset show about the why of G4S. They then work in a workshop form on the how question: how can they organize their cash process more efficiently – with the expertise of G4S. The experience ends in the what space, where – only for the first time – equipment can be seen. A conscious routing: not the products of G4S are central, but the conversation about what keeps customers awake and how it can be improved.

Breakfast 27 May 9.00-10.00 live and ask questions.

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