Tim van der Bilt (Maze-One) about future Amazon

Founded in 1994, Amazon is one of the first companies to sell products over the Internet. The head office is in Seattle and since March this year the web store is also located in the Netherlands. Compared to other online stores, Amazon is particularly known for its wide range. Where, for example, Coolblue focuses on electronics and Zalando on clothing, Amazon offers products ranging from foodstuffs to home accessories. It should come as no surprise that Van der Bilt is pleased with Amazon. With his company Maze-One, he helps international companies that want to be found on the well-visited website from offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London and Madrid. “If you as a brand want your product to be seen online, you will soon end up at Amazon. Products are best found and most recognizable on this website, even more so than on Google. And the offer is enormous: with 200 distribution centers worldwide, Amazon is the largest in scale and efficiency. Consumers are now used to doing their shopping here and the number of consumers who buy products online is only increasing due to the corona crisis, “he says enthusiastically.

Second place

Incidentally, there is little evidence of this success in the Netherlands. Amazon set foot on Dutch soil in March this year, but the introduction is less strong than expected, says Van der Bilt. ‘ remains master in the Netherlands and will not relinquish that position any time soon. Amazon also has to settle for second place in countries such as Japan and France, because of Rakuten and Cdiscount respectively. Amazon is a long-term company, but before they are the largest here, some water still has to go through the Rhine. Time will tell, also with a view to corona. “

But crisis or not, e-commerce always delivers and Amazon remains in demand. With Maze-One, Van der Bilt is therefore not affected by the pandemic, on the contrary. It is busier than ever. For example, Maze-One recently announced that it collaborates with large retail parties such as Philips Hue, HG and PPG. So the brands of these companies can now be found on Amazon and Maze-One helps them with that. “They can continue to deliver their products as usual. We set up their online stores and ensure that the products look good and end up in Amazon’s distribution networks. “Maze-One also recently won the pitch from BSH Home Appliances. “They were looking for an agency that could help with them marketplaces and actually we are the only party in the Netherlands that is really specialized in this. Household appliances are also increasingly being bought online and they were looking for support in the customer journey. “


Amazon’s stock price is currently all time high, says Van der Bilt. “The company has hired 100,000 new people since the outbreak of Corona, simply because people shop even more at home through Corona. Amazon can hardly meet the demand for products: there is a huge demand for food and health products. It feels bitter that Amazon is achieving success from something negative like corona. But you will be living in Madrid right now and you can’t get out. Then you are happy that Amazon is there. They even provide puzzles to get you through your day. And yes, as a result, we as Maze-One continue to grow well. “

Does Amazon also have any negatives? Van der Bilt: “Yes, of course. For example, a brand like Nike can no longer be found there. That suddenly saw his latest collection of sports shoes on Amazon, for a much lower price than on his own sales channels. That is what we as Maze-One also advise companies on: conclude good contracts. “


Finally, Van der Bilt takes a look at the uncertain future of e-commerce. “I expect Amazon to become the dominant player in the west of the world with a wide range of services, such as content, advertising and gaming. In the area of ​​e-commerce, it will integrate even more services. It will be difficult for other companies to keep up with that large scale. “And what will Maze-One do in 2021? “Then we will have offices in the UK and Germany and we will be among the top European Amazon agencies,” he concludes.

This article originally appeared in MT20.08.

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