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Real estate visits are authorized more than 100km from his home

French people can now travel more than 100km from their home to visit accommodation or move.

Since May 21, the French have been able to travel outside their department and more than 100km from their home for a property visit. The decree published in the Official Journal thus allows two new exceptions to the principle of travel bans.

These are trips concerning a move or a property visit, for a purchase or even a rental, when they cannot be postponed. The online attestation template now includes one more box: ” trips related to a move resulting from a change of domicile and trips essential for the acquisition or rental of a property that cannot be deferred (case 8)

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Regarding supporting documents, you will need to provide proof of address less than a year old, such as telephone or electricity bills, or rent receipts, any document proving the establishment of the address, and any document proving the need to move. All means of proof being accepted, an attestation of honor may be accepted, indicating that the removal, purchase or rental of the property cannot be postponed.

Respect for barrier gestures during visits and moves

In practice, professionals dealing with a move can do it as part of their activity, regardless of the distance of the move. For those who move themselves, by calling on relatives, they must have the certificate of derogatory displacement, if the move takes them beyond 100km from their initial residence, or in another department . Barrier gestures must be respected during visits and moves.

The co-ownership GA can be done remotely from 1er June

In addition, the general meetings of co-owners may be held remotely, in particular by videoconference, from 1er June 2020 and until January 31, 2021. These GA can also be done by phone, said Housing Minister Julien Denormandie on May 20.

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