RAI Amsterdam is ready for 1.5 meter events

To this end, the RAI wants to organize pilot events next summer in which visitors and exhibitors are brought together safely.

All necessary measures are taken. The organization starts up safely with an extensive script.

The exhibition and conference organization points out that it has a huge complex of over 110,000 m2 where people can move at a safe distance from each other.

If garden centers, department stores, furniture stores such as IKEA and hardware stores are open, we can certainly do that too CEO Paul Riemens.

Prepared for conference

Riemens would like to emphasize that visitors to the RAI are asked to register in advance. Thus, there is a clear picture of the expected number of people. In addition, they can be thoroughly informed about the protocol and additional rules of conduct of the RAI. “In addition, the visiting goal is aimed at efficient business and not at socializing or recreation, as is the case at a festival. We are talking here about business to business events. This ensures that there is even greater awareness. It is easy to handle keeping one and a half meters apart. “

The RAI determines what the organization of fairs, congresses and events will look like. “That makes us completely flexible in regulating visitor flows. Think of special routes and one-way traffic. We are able to deliver custom work. Of course, the guidelines of RIVM are leading and we strictly adhere to a meter and a half distance, “says Riemens.

He points to the situation in Germany. There, a clear distinction has been made between trade fairs and mass consumer meetings. The government has listed scholarships with sectors that are once again possible and that will also boost the economy. After China, this would also pave the way for Germany to reopen the exhibition and conference industry.

Economic boost for the Amsterdam metropolitan region

International events are planned for September in the RAI. Continuing this is not only important for the conference center itself, but above all it provides an economic impulse for the entire region. Riemens: “Every euro spent in the RAI leads to an expenditure of about seven euros in Amsterdam. This includes hotel stays and spending in catering, museums and retail. In short: our events are good for turnover and for employment. “

For example, the IBC technology fair is planned for September, good for an economic boost of 80 million euros for the city of Amsterdam. A month later, the UEG Week, an international conference on gastrointestinal and liver diseases, is on the program, and in November it will be the turn of the Provada real estate fair. Interclean (fair for the cleaning industry where hygiene around corona is a theme) and Metstrade (platform for equipment and materials for pleasure boating) will also take place. “All these trade fairs are of great value to the city,” says Riemens. The impact continues. The trade fairs and conferences also ensure that the sectors themselves can flourish again. Economies can be rebuilt, in part due to the connections that are being made and the deals being closed.

And then there is the social value. Meetings in the RAI, for example about curing or combating diseases, also ensure that knowledge is shared. This gives innovation a boost, for example. “In these times, when all kinds of sectors want to start up again, that aspect should not be underexposed,” says Riemens.

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