New dual leadership keeps clinic pension on course in turbulent times

On May 1, Michael Rabes (photo), who has worked for Swiss Life for over 20 years and is a connoisseur of occupational pensions, will take over at Hubertus Mund’s side (photo). Gieseler has been at the top of the hospital pension since 2002 and has shaped the development of the industry pension scheme for 18 years. But he will continue to stay on board and contribute his experiences, as he tells us.

With this, the people of Cologne will face the current challenges under the new double leadership. The healthcare sector, including the nursing industry, is currently only available for the hospital pension to a limited extent due to the corona security measures, but the industry has not been bad lately. While personnel attrition has to be registered time and again in many other professional sectors, the health sector with its six million employees is currently in a “clear growth process”, says Gieseler. This is also reflected in the premium income. In 2019, BAV contributions to hospital pensions rose by 15% to EUR 120 million. This does not include premium income from other lines such as disability or long-term care insurance.

But the hospital pension will continue to score points in the future. There are two main reasons for this: Politicians are currently and in the future very keen to strengthen the medical sector. The first measures have already been decided. This will give elderly care workers more money and vacation in the future. The federal cabinet approved a corresponding regulation last week. The new double head of the clinic pension must ensure that the refinancing of the occupational pension schemes is particularly well received in the private care sector. So far, church (e.g. Caritas) and public nursing companies have been reimbursed for the cost of the BAV by the cost bearers (long-term care insurance funds, etc.). Private care companies usually lack a company pension paid by the employer. With a new program of hospital pension, these companies can now score with employees. The costs are also reimbursed by the cost bearers.

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