Expert advises to sell residential real estate in Corona crisis

A real estate expert advises selling real estate in good time if money is needed due to the Corona crisis.

The real estate industry in times of crisis

It has been speculated for weeks whether the bubble on the real estate market will burst to the stock exchanges with a time delay or whether the industry has even been in a crisis before. In an interview with the Inside Economy editor-in-chief, the investor Jacob Moravia commented on the current situation. “The real estate market is currently at a standstill. The transaction numbers have plummeted. I firmly assume that the real estate market will be hit entirely by the Corona crisis – less in the residential area, significantly more in the commercial area and in tourism real estate, ”said the investor in an interview. The founder of Moravia AG adds that he sees a credit crunch coming to Germany as banks are longing for security and thus liquidity.

Repel residential real estate in good time

In an interview, the real estate expert advises selling residential real estate now if there is a specific need for liquidity. “When it comes to residential real estate, I think you should consider carefully whether you are selling today. If you need the money, I would do it. Because I don’t think we will see price increases in the short to medium term. I rather believe in stronger price corrections, ”Moravia points out.

real estate global

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According to the expert, real assets such as real estate are the long-term winners in the long term after this crisis. However, no one can predict how long this will last.

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