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Jumbo had already announced a reorganization in January. When the coronavirus broke out, the supermarket chain considered postponing this, Jumbo CFO Ton van Veen tells Financieele Dagblad (behind paywall, ed.): ‘It’s chilly outside. This is not the most favorable time for redundancies. ” After consultation with the works council, the company decided to cut jobs anyway. The company does draw up a more generous social plan than originally intended. ‘People who are forced to leave may stop working on 1 September, but will remain in employment until 1 December,’ says Van Veen. Of the 1,300 jobs at the head office in Veghel, 300 will disappear. Jumbo plans to outsource 180 functions, such as personnel administration and credit management. The employees in those positions should go to the companies to which Jumbo outsources the services. Furthermore, mainly management functions will disappear.

The top of the company had grown too large, partly due to the large number of acquisitions of Emté supermarkets, Hema and Udea branches, among others. “With every new initiative and every takeover, we have assembled teams and taken over people. As a result, the head office has expanded considerably. There are many layers of management and portfolios with a director above them, “said Van Veen.
(sources: FD and Twinkle)

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