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BankruptcyThese companies had to file for bankruptcy in the Corona crisis

From the pub around the corner to the global corporation: The corona crisis is tearing companies of all sizes into insolvency. Emergency aid or emergency loans are often just a drop in the bucket when the pandemic has brought revenues almost to zero, but high rents and wages continue to be spent. This applies all the more to companies that have already had financial difficulties. The trade association Germany HDE expected in April that retailers in Germany could face up to 50,000 bankruptcies due to Covid-19.

Bankruptcy does not automatically mean the end for companies. However, the already complicated restructuring is becoming much more difficult due to the crisis. One thing is clear: many well-known brands will disappear from German city centers and shopping centers. Insolvency reports are also piling up in other industries and countries.

These companies became insolvent in the Corona crisis:


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