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A tiny house above the treetops

In cooperation with the start-up tree construction, the architecture firm Precht designed a modular tree house, “Bert”, to offer an alternative form of living.

The architects of the Salzburg architects’ office were inspired by the “Sesame Street” and the “Minions”, as Der Standard reports. Hence the name of the special tree house: “Bert”. “When planning, we considered how children imagine a tree house,” explains architect Fei Tang Precht. “Bert is a family of modular houses that are characterized by playfulness and invite people to experience architecture and nature through the eyes of children,” says the Precht website. “As architects, whether young or old, we have an inner child who looks at the world with playfulness and curiosity. This curiosity makes us want to explore, experiment and create. The same curiosity gave birth to Bert. “

Stars from “Sesame Street” and the “Minions” as inspiration

The “Bert” modular construction was created in cooperation with the start-up tree construction, which specializes in tiny houses, tree houses and alternative tourism. “We believe that the future of tourism does not lie in large hotels and mass tourism, but in buildings that offer unique experiences,” said Rudolf Obauer from Baumbau.

“Bert” looks like a tree with its branches. “[…] For this project, we also looked at art to find a reference. But not with Michelangelo or Dalí. Rather, we looked at cartoon characters from Sesame Street or the Minions. We looked at this project playfully and wanted to create a more unique character than a conventional building. A strange looking character that becomes part of the forest wildlife. I think this peculiarity can cause feelings and emotions. And maybe these are attributes in architecture that are missing these days, ”the architects von Precht continue on their website.

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Modular system makes extra wishes possible

Since “Bert” is a modular system, you can react flexibly to customer requests: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, libraries, bathrooms, etc. can be varied and adapted. An attachment is also possible. In addition, “Bert” can not only be designed as a tree house, but also as a garden shed, apartment building or town house. In addition, ecological, sustainable aspects such as solar panels, self-composting toilets or a water treatment system were also taken into account.

The interior of the special tree house is dominated by dark colors – this should create a cozy, cavernous atmosphere and at the same time draw attention to the large glass openings, reports Der Standard.

“We know that houses like ‘Bert’ will not be the future development on a large scale, but we have to dare, try and experiment more to make the future of our cities more diversified,” explained Chris Precht.

A small, expandable module costs 120,000 euros. The first “Berts” are scheduled for completion in spring 2020.

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