This is how you keep in touch with colleagues in the home office

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# 1 Chat before video conferencing

Video conferences are also so productive because all participants can join in exactly at the beginning of the virtual meeting. However, efficiency is often the enemy of interpersonal contacts in the home office. It can therefore be worthwhile to go online a few minutes earlier during the video call. This provides an easy opportunity to speak face-to-face with a group of colleagues. You can also linger a little after the session. Most of these tips should ensure that the employer has no objection to these private conversations. Strictly speaking, they are taboo during working hours. But good bosses also know that private exchange makes teams stronger and increases satisfaction. There should also be time for this in the home office.

# 2 chats

Managers can make chatting at the virtual coffee machine easier if they officially create space for it. These can be designated channels in team chat programs like Slack. Bosses, who post frequently here themselves, signal to employees that they can also have fun with each other. Private chat messages are probably the easiest way to exchange a private word with colleagues. From a social distance, however, this can be forgotten over time. Here the memory may help to ask a colleague at least once a working day: How are you, are you looking forward to the office again, what do you do at the weekend?

# 3 Talk to colleagues

The chat in the coffee kitchen lives by chance. This is where colleagues meet, whose paths are otherwise hardly crossed. Now, it may not be for everyone to send a private message to some colleague in a kind of Slack Roulette. But you can get used to the fact that when you come into contact with an employee beyond the narrow circle of colleagues, you can take advantage of the opportunity for an exchange beyond the professional, however short.

# 4 lunch break in the home office

The lunch break in the Corona home office is an unusually private affair. There are undoubted advantages. But sometimes it may be nice to meet up with colleagues for lunch. Whether by Skype while eating or on the phone while walking around the block with sandwiches – if you are planning something here, you can keep a little piece of normal office life.

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