Salary reports have the highest salaries in these cities

There is also a location advantage in terms of salary. In addition to the job, the place of residence can make a significant contribution to the amount of wages. There are many reasons for this. Some cities are centers of traditionally solvent industries. This is where high-turnover companies are based, which also compete for sought-after specialists. In other metropolitan areas, the cost of living is so high that it must be reflected in the wage level.

The Stepstone job exchange examines the wages of specialists and managers in Germany every year. The cities with the highest average salaries are also determined. A look at the 2019 Salary Report shows which regions are clearly lagging behind. The east and north of Germany are missing in the top ten. Three federal states with three cities each dominate the ranking of the highest average salaries. But there are also clear gradations among the leaders.

According to Stepstone, the salaries of around 85,000 specialists and managers were evaluated full-time for the report. The period examined was from October 2017 to October 2018. The salaries mentioned include benefits such as bonuses, commissions and bonuses.

These are the ten German cities where skilled workers and managers earn the most.

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