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Real estate market Residential market analysis: your property is worth it

After savers and investors gradually got used to the low interest rates, the corona crisis also caused the stock market to fluctuate considerably. In contrast, the crisis on the housing market is still limited. Although the supply of apartments has decreased slightly, prices in major cities have so far remained stable.

Nevertheless, the property market is gradually moving. In particular, the upheavals caused by the crisis could again be used for changes. Because many residential construction projects are temporarily idle or are only running on a back burner. Visits can only take place digitally. And the number of new ads has also decreased in some cases. Interest in real estate as a crisis-proof reserve could therefore increase. At the same time, the recession and the associated consequences for the labor market could dampen interest in home ownership.

But what is your home currently worth? With the housing market analysis of the iib Hettenbach Institute in cooperation with you can determine the value of your property:

The housing market analysis determines the value of real estate

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