Make a great takeoff after the emergency landing

The sector may need to restructure. Back to the past is no longer valid. No doubt jobs will be cut. Companies will cut deeply into their own flesh to save their own skin. For the time being, making a profit will be an illusion. It’s all about getting black numbers. Every entrepreneur is working on a transformation plan aimed at survival. Some are too big, others too small to be viable. Temporary contracts are terminated, freelancers are allowed to return home, the elderly may be able to retire early, and those who leave voluntarily receive a premium. All possibilities are discussed. The cut is locked. Now cash flow and cost reduction count. There must be a clear perspective so that shareholders and stakeholders are ready to invest again.

I advise entrepreneurs to get together. Joining forces may well be the most realistic survival scenario. Even more state aid feels like a form of time wasting. The abyss is getting closer. There are so many SMEs in our field who are quite synergistic with each other that they can make a strong start to the future together. If all those self-employed entrepreneurs put their big egos aside and erase the dollar signs that you can only dream of right now, this might create an interesting situation for collaboration and the marketing, content marketing sector and actually any other creative sector in the communications industry make a surprising transformation.

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