The weekly market as a brand community

In between a short chat with a friend. That is, if she rises above the sounds of the barrel organ. Nice and well organized, she says. ‘Everything I need. Fresh and of good quality. I know the people, know what they are selling and there is always something going on. Sometimes a stall disappears and a new one is added. I always go and have a look, because of course I’m curious about what they have. “

One of the nicest aspects of content marketing I think is to think of a new way to get the attention of your audience. That is a challenge. The amount of content present certainly does not make it any easier for brands. They trip over each other, while the consumer clicks from one platform to another. Research shows that consumers view more different content within the same time. Brands want the attention of the same audience that is paying less and less attention to them. That takes time and money. Behind the market stalls on the weekly market is also the greater idea that sellers with their joint offerings bring the public together in one place. Can brands also work together digitally in this way?

Brand communities are digital platforms on which brands present themselves to the same audience. By joining forces and presenting themselves together, their individual positioning becomes stronger. Also consider the success of the food market. The overarching food concept in which different food trucks present themselves to the same audience. The concept makes them stronger individually and as individuals they are the carriers of the concept. As a consumer, I experience this as the ultimate variety and freedom of choice. I go there because I want to eat without knowing what in advance, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Another example is the American Staycation, where various brands inspire consumers to give creative substance to their stay at home. An example that has been around for a long time is that of De 9 Straatjes in Amsterdam.

Fortunately, content creation is increasingly part of the growth strategy of brands and they are looking for new perspectives. Creativity is given space by further declining budgets. Alternatives that help find and bind new customers are more than welcome. Brand communities are therefore interesting to investigate further. The overarching role of a community as content and media brand also increases the reach and engagement in social channels. The brands involved and their audience stimulate the visibility of the community. That is sometimes more than a brand can achieve on your own.

A digital marketplace, but based on equality, sounds interesting doesn’t it?

By: Nancy Schuurmans (Zelfstroom).

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