Retirement BriefingEverything you need to know about your home office

Every fifth employee in Germany has been in the home office since mid-March. Following the easing in some federal states, individual companies are now considering returning to the office. But the step back is not easy and quick everywhere. And so many employees and supervisors have now also taken a liking to the remote work concept. Others, on the other hand, face the permanent challenges of working from home.

The Briefing summarizes what can become a challenge in remote work and what needs to be considered.

Germany in the home office – five challenges

Insurance protection in the home office: you have to know that now

Many of the people who work in the home office because of the corona crisis are doing this for the first time. However, the home office principle follows its own rules, including when it comes to insurance coverage. In contrast to the office, accidents at home are often not covered. You need to know that now.

Ten tricks to do more a day

In remote work, the working day can be full of distractions – especially if you are working from your own home for the first time and have to adjust to the new everyday work. These smart tricks help you to do more and achieve goals faster.

Ten tips on how to lead my team in the home office

Typical home office phrases and what they actually mean

Everyday work has changed with the home office. Some of the situations from telephone and video conferences fall so often that they have become almost typical for remote work. An analysis of the most common home office phrases that are not meant to be serious can be found here.

The corona crisis threatens equality

In our series of guest articles on Germany’s Top 40 under 40, gives the next generation of decision-makers and designers a voice on the Corona crisis. This includes Katharina Schulze, Greens boss in Bavaria. Read here why women keep the store going – and why they are often the losers of remote work in the corona crisis.

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