Never waste a good crisis!

Jolanda van der Steen

In a short time a lot has changed, we are in a situation that we have never experienced before and the course of which is still extremely uncertain. As time progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain positive and to deal with the “intelligent lockdown”, confined to your home and without a clear perspective to resume “normal” life. Several studies show that the feeling of happiness has decreased from 7.5 to 6.3 in just six weeks (EHERO Erasmus University study April 2020).

Dilemmas in balance between work and private life

Working from home has become the norm more than before, this brings new situations and therefore also dilemmas in the balance between work and private life. But also, how are we going to do in the 1.5 meter economy, with all restrictions? And how do we ensure that we can resume work in the office or company? That requires creativity, flexibility and resilience. Because you make the choice in your way of dealing with the changing circumstances. One thing is certain, it will no longer be like before March 12, 2020. The day on which the “intelligent lockdown” was announced.

Crisis forces us to reflect

Of course, this extreme time does a lot to us as humans. But to what extent you experience fear, stress and uncertainty, you are in charge of that. Yes, easy to say, you may think … As difficult as it may seem, we don’t learn that during our studies or training, this crisis also forces us to reflect on how we want to deal with the situation. Show personal leadership. Because we have little influence on the circumstances outside of us, other than adhering to the measures. We have a conscious and unconscious reaction, the Fight, Flight and Freeze reaction is the unconscious part. If you are aware of your patterns (way of thinking) and your unconscious reactions, you can also get out.

What to take charge of?

And that requires personal leadership. What can you take charge of? Ownership is focused on verifiable things that you can control. With victimization, there is no focus and no influence. Ownership is putting yourself consciously on the playing field and empowering yourself. It’s not something you do once and you’re done with it. It is a question that you can constantly ask yourself an ongoing process in your life.

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Invest now to get out of the intelligent lockdown strongly (er)

In summary, the bottom line is that we are now in a crisis that is unparalleled and that everyone is dealing with in a different way. The good news is that you can use this moment to get a grip on your situation again. By (further) developing your personal leadership and taking a closer look at your personal career questions. Whether you are an employer or an employee. Because, what do you need to enter the future stronger and more confident? “Never waste a good crisis.” And so it is.

Jolanda van der Steen is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Trainer and Coach.
Is a connector pure sang and is (voluntarily) committed to various organizations in the field of entrepreneurship; ambassador MKB Rotterdam and as a voluntary coach for entrepreneurs and core teacher for the entrepreneurial migrant school of Qredits. Contributes to knowledge sharing and development of financial professionals through colleges and as a board member of the association Financials For Financials.

She owns La Fontaine Training, Coaching & Consultancy and co-owner of JECKX
Her credo: Every top athlete has a coach… why not you as a professional?

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