Everyday work “Can you hear me?” – the best home office phrases

The corona pandemic has sent many employees to the home office
The corona pandemic has sent many employees to the home officeGetty Images

Whoever can go to the home office was the motto of many companies in view of the spread of the corona virus in early March. After weeks of e-mail volleys and marathons from video and telephone conferences, it could soon go back to the office – at least occasionally. Some sentences are so common in everyday home office life that bingo games with typical sentences are already circulating on social media. To ensure that the farewell to the permanent home office is possible not only with a crying but also with a laughing eye, has compiled the most common phrases – and translated directly what they actually mean.

Typical home office phrases and their real meaning

“Unfortunately, I still have to make an urgent call.”

Actually means: I have an urgent date with Joe Exotic and the next episode of “Tiger King”.

“Somehow I can’t turn on my camera.”

Actually means: I sit in my pajamas in front of the laptop and I don’t want to turn on the camera.

“Skype is no longer used anyway. We really do everything about zoom now. Even lunch “

Actually means: A colleague suggested yesterday that we should try zooming in on the conference call.

“I’ll just send it to you later by email.”

Actually means: I haven’t prepared anything, but I’ll do it until I send you the email.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t at the meeting, but I had internet problems.”

Actually means: I forgot we had a meeting.

“I’m in the home office, so much more productive …”

Actually means: Now I can vacuum work, bring the trash down and cook dinner.

“Oh, I have a technical problem, I haven’t been in the system all morning.”

Actually means: I’m just going for a walk.

“So our home office is going really well!”

Actually means: Can I finally go back to the office? You’re welcome!?

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