5 tips for accelerating your digital customer experiences because the world will never be what it was again

Suddenly we are at home. Accompany daughter Spring with her school lessons, sit parallel in work-calls and coordinate with hubby who can work in which room. The situation we are in is manageable when I think of the great suffering as a result of the corona crisis in the Netherlands and in the world, which is my frustration when I see a gray hair, which I cannot get rid of now because the hairdressers are closed , absolutely puts things into perspective. The naturalness with which I did everything will never be the same again. This also applies to the business of companies and their interactions with customers. Their customer experiences.

The pandemic that comes over us is so extreme that the world will never be the way it was again. Where company boards are still dealing with the short-term challenge as a result of the cororn crisis, they have to shift their attention and energy very quickly to the time immediately after. Certainly also in the customer experience area.
In recent years, companies have already taken many steps to entice customers to their digital first or digital only customer journeys. Digital interactions that allow them to collect a lot of data and drastically reduce their costs. However, the digitization rate of companies has often not yet reached the desired level.

As a result of the corona crisis, companies are suddenly confronted with a completely new digital target group. Literally from one day to the next, the often non-digital preferred channels are simply closed for this target group and they have to use forced online channels. Smart companies are concerned with this – say –newbies. In order to reap the benefits of this forced digital transition in the long term.

Five tips
Below are five tips to accelerate your digitization degree right now:

1 Respond to the specific needs of the “less digital” audience

Identify in which areas they need additional information or support to complete their customer journey digitally.

2 Expand digital capabilities quickly

Now is the time for many organizations to experience ‘self-service environments’ by customers. As a virtual tent for the contact center of your own organization.

3 Digitize even the unexpected

Rethink the ‘physical’ aspects of your business model and customer journey and be open to far-reaching solutions to digitize even these moments. 100% physical companies like gyms now run a 100% digital business with virtual classes, and realtors organize virtual tours of homes.

4 Reconsider physical points of sale or provide clear added value for these stores

People are expecting accelerated experiences with new added value. Some stores are developing new one and a half meter walking routes, while other stores are using this period to create real experiences in their physical locations.

5 Stay true to your identity

It is also crucial to return to the core of all new developments that companies are initiating. What does the company stand for and how do you reflect that in the customer experience, even now? Consider, for example, the online music festivals, which had to cancel their events, but now set up free online streamed festivals to keep in touch with their target group.

Explore new roads
In short, use this moment to explore new roads. On the one hand for the one and a half meter economy in the short term, but also for the post-corona era in the longer term. Because one thing is certain: tomorrow’s world will never be the way it was again.


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