Work snack box trap: The Germans are so unhealthy at work

# 1 sitting

“Whether behind the desk or at the wheel – more than a third of Germans spend 80 to 100 percent of their daily work sitting,” reported “Fit for Fun”, citing a representative survey by Splendid Research. The market research company asked 611 people between the ages of 18 and 69 about their health behavior at work. Not every company can offer employees time for small sports units. But at least ergonomic chairs should be in the opinion of many respondents.

# 2 snacking

According to the survey, 61 percent of Germans eat snacks between the main meals on the job. They are not bad for health per se. However, almost two out of three respondents (62 percent) are not exclusively healthy snacks such as fruit or nuts. It is often colleagues who want to do something good for one another with cake or chocolate.

# 3 No lunch break

The craving for sweets can also be due to the fact that many employees skip the lunch break. In November 2019, the market research institute Civey surveyed around 5000 representative selected employees for the lunch delivery service Smunch. Eleven percent stated that they generally skipped the lunch break. Seven percent took less than 15 minutes off. The law requires a minimum break of 30 minutes after six hours of work. Against the lack of exercise, this overexploitation does not exactly help with health.

# 4 weight

Unhealthy habits at work quickly have consequences. Almost every fourth German (23 percent) has increased because of the job, according to “Fit for Fun”. At least 58 percent would have said no. The majority of the respondents said that the employer wanted more options for a balanced diet, such as fruit or healthier dishes in the canteen.

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