why you should not postpone your retirement request

While the coronavirus health crisis is imposing confinement, the major pension plans insist that you should not delay your retirement request, says UFC-Que Choisir.

No, you should not postpone your retirement request. The organizations contacted by UFC-Que Choisir are formal. New retirement requests would be treated in the best possible conditions, given the coronavirus health crisis. According to them, people born in 1958 who wish to liquidate their retirement rights and benefit from their pensions in the coming weeks or months, like those born in 1960 who plan to assert their rights this year under a long career must start the process.

As the magazine reminds you, the longer you wait, the more your departure will be postponed, which is not obvious in normal times, due to the change in the start of the notice period, but may very well prove to be impossible or almost in the current context of closure of companies and large-scale partial unemployment. Then, once deconfinement, the organizations fear a congestion of their services. However, there is no need to anticipate your request.

Online procedures

If your professional career has been linear or if you have known only one professional status (employee, civil servant, craftsman, etc.), create a personal space on the website of your retirement affiliation scheme. If you have been affiliated to different pension plans, prefer the inter-plan portal.

As for your file, nothing changes, you must provide all the supporting documents, photocopies of the identity card, family book, pay slips from the last year of activity, certificates of compensation by Pôle emploi, of the medical certificate if retirement is requested for incapacity or handicap…

Temporary relaxation

However, Renaud Villard, director of the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav), explains to the UFC-Que choose that certain documents hitherto essential, such as the certificate of cessation of activity or the certificate of cancellation that a trader or a craftsman must obligatorily address to the SSI (ex-RSI) are replaced by a certificate on the honor. “Until further notice, we have taken various measures to temporarily streamline the procedures required so far. They will potentially continue until the end of confinement, or even a little beyond. “

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