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and what are we doing now? asked smart and independent minds around the world what the world could look like after Corona:

  • Francis Fukuyama: The political scientist sees Asia on the rise – and hopes for smarter US politicians
  • Margrethe Vestager: Europe is stronger than its reputation, says the Vice President of the EU Commission
  • Udo Di Fabio: The former constitutional judge sees no reason to doubt the rule of law
  • Adam Tooze: The economist observes a global strengthening of the state in the crisis
  • Sahra Wagenknecht: personal-financial.comism must be reformed, the left-wing politician believes

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Porsche: What does it look like when an auto giant is facing the crisis? Porsche let us take a look at existential moments behind the scenes

UNITED STATES: The pandemic plunges millions of Americans unprotected into poverty – and Trump’s critics are increasingly talking about government failures

Quake at Benko: For a long time, the real estate and commercial king only went up. Now the corona crisis threatens his company empire – and the money of his investors

Resilience in the Dax: The corona shock forces Dax companies to realign their strategy: Resilience is now even more important than efficiency

Auto parts supplier: The change to electromobility is also a winner in Germany: for example the Bavarian cable specialist Dräxlmaier

The best lawyers: Which law firms are leaders in their field? Lawyers recommend their most capable colleagues – from capital markets to construction law

Simba Dickie: As a family company, the Fürth toy giant is facing a generation change. The patriarch wants to let go – but it is difficult for him

Century shares: How to get back on the stock market after the setback: presents cheap and financially strong stocks from Europe, Asia and America

Mohamed El-Erian: The former Pimco boss warns of hopes of a quick normalization of the capital markets. There is still “uncertainty squared”

Good mixed funds: Mixed funds are used as a hedge for difficult times. But many have now crashed. presents positive exceptions

The ETF balance sheet: Critics have long warned that index funds can make the crash worse in market crises. Did the corona crash confirm that?

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