Vaccine against the future: stress test for content

In any case, I don’t believe this: “More than 80% of communications agencies saw a drop in activity during the first six weeks of the lockdown as a result of the corona crisis. For some this increases to more than 75%. “That writes the Belgian Graphic News last week. “Services that were asked for more in recent weeks are content strategy, digital content, social media and online events. Live events fell sharply. The other services are in balance (an increase in demand for some, a decrease in demand for others). It mainly turned out to be the postponed and canceled projects that are causing headaches for office bosses. “I would like to ask Platform Content to give a call to colleagues. I know a few agencies that have lost almost half of their turnover. Anyway, maybe those are exceptions. I silently suspect that our Southern neighbors from the trade will not be bothered when they are affected by the current crisis. Competitive information.

Also learned something this week. In a nice story on FW about the customer journey, I am surprised by the persona transformation canvas. “The canvas offers help in bridging the gap from the existing situation to the transformation goal. This persona canvas offers a solution in gaining insight into the correct insights. “One of the ways to find out the challenge of your persona is to use the” purpose compass “. I will not bother you further, but if you are curious about this jargon, you can read the whole story here. In any case, it feels as if the author has to undergo a stress test on his content.

On this website I read a nice plea for the commitment of designers. “In the context of the current global and social challenges, designers are ideally suited to tackle complex problems from ‘design thinking’. Our strength lies not only in the imagination, but also in creating tangible, unique and distinctive solutions for brands. Unfortunately, good design and the craft involved often take more time and budget than a standard “off the shelf” solution. And that, of course, is diametrically opposed to the current short-term focus of many clients. Our greatest challenge is therefore even greater. How do we make the right compromise between time, budget and quality and really get paid for the value we add? “This might be a content stress test.

A response from four agencies at this time also to MarketingTribune. Some striking quotes: “We have all become quite sharp and that leads to good and sharp work.” That is the good news, because recently there was also a battle of attrition, “said David Snellenberg of Dawn. ‘In the first weeks sometimes 12 hours a day in calls, all hands on deck. Not a moment of rest for all our people. But there will also be routine at some point. I also expect a battle in production: less money will be made available and ideas will become more valuable again. ‘

Carlijn Postma of The Post in the same story: “Looking at the coming months, Postma expects a summer full of creativity. ‘The basic principles of our entire living system have changed and this exposes major challenges. At the moment, many organizations are still working on how to make the existing revenue model feasible, but it will not be long before people start thinking about a new revenue model with new basic principles. We’ll all have to do it with a little bit less, but there is plenty to share. We have known many fat years. Now it is time for a little reflection and a different growth model. ”

Our sector has entered the field of tension between longing for the old and searching for the new. We’re getting a little rebellious. It causes stress. Perhaps today’s content marketers should listen to sociologists, psychologists or ethnologists to ask whether the content we are used to making must meet new conditions. In any case, with a good stress test for content, quality will surface more easily.

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