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soon a contract with no funds in euros and no fees

Corum will launch a life insurance contract on March 16 with its own products, SCPI and bond funds, with no management fees.

Life insurance is experiencing low returns in 2019. Investment in SCPIs, for its part, has shown generous returns, at 4.51% on average. The company Corum will offer from March 16 a new type of life insurance contract which allows to invest in its SCPI and bond funds. The Corum Life product will not offer euro funds and will be exempt from management fees.

Two SCPIs and four bond funds

The management company launched in 2011, which has become an insurer since 2019, thus wants to “surf on this craze for the search for remunerative risky investments (…) while benefiting from the advantages of holding in life insurance, by limiting the accumulation of costs “Explains the Le Revenu website.

This therefore requires the Corum Life contract, which makes it possible to invest in two of its SCPIs, Corum XL and Corum Origin, and in four bond funds. Note that Corum’s SCPIs offer some of the most advantageous yields on the market. Corum will sell its life insurance directly and through wealth management advisors.

Four risk profiles

Corum does not offer funds in euros, but could potentially offer them in the future, says Capital. Another big news: there are no management fees or arbitration fees. The only fees to be paid will be those on SCPIs up to 12% for subscription and 13.2% of rents for management. Four risk profiles will be proposed. Indeed, with this type of investment, capital is not guaranteed.

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