Retirees from abroad: you have two more months to provide your “certificate of existence”

Retirees living abroad have additional time to send their birth certificate. During this period, their pension will exceptionally be paid normally.

The coronavirus pandemic complicates administrative procedures. So, retirees living abroad have two additional months in addition to the initial deadline to send their ” certificate of existence “, explains Le Monde. The payment of their retirement depends on this document, which must be presented each year. Completed by an authority in the country where the retirees reside, the document must be sent to their pension fund, by post or online.

To be reassuring, Pension Insurance ensures that pensions will continue to be paid normally while waiting to be able to travel to request this essential document. They “Do not need to contact their regional fund or pension insurance to receive their payments”, no need to “Specific or supporting procedures”, she said in a statement.

1.5 million pensioners affected

Another good news, this additional delay concerns all the plans to which you have contributed, “Even for Agirc-Arrco”, said Union Retirement, the inter-plan service, on a daily basis.

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All plans combined, some 1.5 million retirees are affected by this procedure. Each year, the amount of pensions paid abroad by French plans is around six billion euros, or around 2% of total pensions.

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