LinkedIn Stories: a new place for dialogue

LinkedIn: Staying connected has never been more important than today.

The impact of COVID-19 means, according to LinkedIn, that many teams work remotely and find new ways to stay connected. As a result, the company saw a 20% increase in conversations between colleagues on LinkedIn, and 3 times as much engagement on posts. The number of calls between connections on the platform saw a 55% increase between March 2019 and March 2020.

The COVID-19 situation also influences the consumption of content: 40% of LinkedIn members indicate that they read the news more often and 30% check social media more often to stay informed.

With this in mind, the platform hopes Stories will help members stay connected to their network and find trusted news sources on the platform. The working life goes much further than the work you do between 9 and 5. LinkedIn Stories makes it possible to give a behind-the-scenes look at daily activities, to give other entrepreneurs or professionals a stage or to simply share knowledge and practical tips. share.

Share information and news

In addition to being available to members, the function is initially also available to publishers and (news) media to keep their audience informed of the daily news. For example, the LinkedIn editorial team will actively use the Stories function to, among other things, share “News Flashes” content. This way followers will be kept informed of what is happening in the economy and business. Today, the News Flashes pay a lot of attention to news about the impact of the virus on society, how business responds to COVID-19 related challenges, new public policy, but also best practices for people and businesses. .

Pieter Cranenbroek, editor at LinkedIn, about this new feature: “With LinkedIn Stories, our Dutch members get the opportunity to inform their network and followers in an informal way. From celebrating a milestone to sharing tips for a healthy work-life balance: LinkedIn Stories is a new way to offer and get help from the professional world around us. That is now more important than ever. “

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