E-learning less boring? Use animation!

A treatise of a few hours. And everyone knows: you don’t learn anything from boring. Fortunately, there are many options for making e-learning more fun (and better).

E-learning can therefore be a lot more fun. Should be a lot more fun. After all, you have to learn something from it. And that works better when you have fun. One of the best options to make e-learning better, more attractive and more fun? Animation. An exciting learning experience can be created with animation. Whether you want to offer a training, course or company training.

Images linger longer

Courses, workshops, training. They are desperately needed, but not everyone is looking forward to them. Especially because you know in advance: takes a long time! And most people are really done listening and paying attention after two hours. To make e-learning more fun, you have to respond to the short attention span that people have. And that is exactly what animation does. The moving images keep the attention of the viewer. Our brain is mainly audiovisual and you make smart use of that with an animation. The combination of illustrations, a storyline, sound, text, humor and characters fascinates the viewer. It has been scientifically proven that dynamic images are kept in memory longer than oral or written texts. The funny thing is: in many e-learning programs, little or no animation is currently used. But there are more reasons to add animation to the e-learning experience.

The 9 reasons to use animation

  1. With animations, complex matter can be explained a lot simpler. This makes complicated messages easier to understand.
  2. The message is better remembered with animation than text.
  3. Animations add entertainment value to the e-learning experience, making the teaching materials more interactive and engaging. As a result of which the material to be leather lingers longer and is better absorbed (in other words: it also helps you).
  4. It takes less effort to understand visual content than textual content. Visual information is recorded 600,000 times faster than text.
  5. You can easily perform an animation in many different languages. Make the animation once and only voice-over in another language and ready. Saves a lot of time. And money, also nice.
  6. With animations you are not limited in creative freedom, as is the case with video recordings. You are not bothered by weather conditions, locations, actors etc. You can therefore tell what you want and adjust and when you want.
  7. Animation in E-learning saves a lot of time. Both for the trainer and for the student. Animation ensures that the student absorbs teaching material much faster.
  8. Through animation it is possible to address not only the ratio side of the brain but also the emotional side. By conveying a certain feeling, a good e-learning animation can also affect the subconscious mind.
  9. Animations can be updated relatively easily over time, allowing for changes to be anticipated and the teaching materials to be kept up to date.

So animation. In any case, consider it. Take it with you as one of the options when you are involved in e-learning. Not doing it is a missed opportunity. And creates frustration with the students. That is the last thing you want.

By: Mick Romeijn, video producer at LVB.

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