Corona dipstick: brands are going to emphasize purpose

What is the status of your marketing in connection with the corona crisis? What are striking things in terms of marketing?

“Consumer demand patterns are changing. As the crisis hits countries around the world, we see an increase in sales of home hygiene and food products, combined with some household supplies. Plus almost an end to consumption outside the home, which mainly affects our food service and ice cream activities. We adapt quickly and flexibly to these new demand patterns and prepare for lasting changes in consumer behavior as we emerge from the crisis and begin to recover. We also adjust our campaigns accordingly.

In addition, a number of great initiatives have also emerged locally, such as product donations to food banks, donations of cleaning products through Voor Goed – an organization that helps people with a lower income. Donations of masks to the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. To show our appreciation for the medical professionals at the forefront of the pandemic, we purchased and shipped flowers to employees of 80 hospitals across the country.

We have also launched a digital campaign to inspire consumers with the tastiest recipes, now that more home cooking is required. Via #lekkerthuis you will find the recipes from Knorr, CalvĂ©, Conimex and Unox, among others, to make the home as tasty and cozy as possible at this time. A nice initiative across the various Foods brands, which shows how we respond quickly and flexibly to the situation. “

Have there been significant marketing decisions in terms of strategy? Does your advertising agency play a role in this?

“Knorr’s strategy is aimed at inspiring the Dutch to eat more vegetables. This strategy has become even more relevant at this time. We have therefore not made any significant changes to the strategy for Knorr, but we have made adjustments to the execution of our current campaign. Together with our CMI team, advertising agency Alfred and media agency Mindshare, we have sharpened the message per touchpoint to respond even better to the needs of consumers. Right now, consumers are looking for nutritious meals with lots of vegetables and more meal inspiration as more people cook at home. With our campaign around our new Mealkits we give this a nice interpretation; vegetables taste worldly with the new World Dishes from Knorr. We create awareness for our new range with the message surrounding vegetables, provide meal inspiration through recipe videos and drive conversion through performance ads and in-store visibility materials. ”

What do you currently see as the biggest challenge for marketers, especially with regard to the corona crisis of course?

“The biggest challenge I see is that we are dealing with a marathon, not a sprint. We all have to adapt to a new way of working (together) within our own marketing team, with the broader organization and with external parties, such as the advertising agencies. Especially in times of physical distance, it is important to keep each other well informed about what is going on, so that we can help each other to finish this marathon sound and well. “

What do you think the world of advertising and marketing will look like in 5 months’ time?

“As a result of the Corona crisis, there will be changes in the short and long term. We will enter a period of slow economic growth with low-priced items becoming more important. And it creates a permanent concern for hygiene and thus a greater demand for hygiene products, but also vitamins and supplements. Our Global Nutrition Director, Dr Angelika de Bree, hopes that we will value the value of nutrition more and know how our food is produced, and enjoy cooking and eating together. Brands that can respond to this in a relevant way will emerge more strongly from this period. I therefore expect brands to place more emphasis on their purpose. What value do they really add to the lives of consumers and society. ”

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