Corona can cause you to lose sharpness

I tear open the envelope and take the letter out. An offer for a magazine of your choice for only 10 or 12.50 euros. Wow, would Avenue reappear? I can’t imagine a magazine with a price far above 10 euros. And then the disappointment swirls through my trash through my fingers. It turns out to be an offer for three to six editions of a title, I can choose myself. What kind of communication is this? Why a letter on behalf of CRM, why the offer for a magazine from 10 to 12.50 euros, who slept here? Probably an intern, they say. Throwing away money is one thing, but at least do it in an adult way.

Maybe I should retract my droppings, because in a story at FW I read about a different interpretation of IA, not artificial intelligence but appreciative inquiry. The more you value, the more you innovate. Such a letter from the CRM department is of course a nice attempt to boost circulation. The next time the sender may profile differently. The letter consists of a three-fold folding work with A5 format. On the first page I get a super offer for a magazine of my choice for only 10 or 12.50 euros. Your curiosity is naturally stimulated. But which precious magazine will this be: 10 or 12.50 euros is no small feat. Maybe next time think again about better wording. On the second page of the mailing it is still not clear what it is about. Apparently I have to go to a website, because that is faster, for a subscription of my choice. For the creators of the mailing: who still understands what it is about? On the third page of the mailing it becomes clear what is meant. I can choose from three to six editions of a magazine title. But 10 or 12.50 euros is a lot of money. What would you get for that now? They call it three to six old numbers.

It is not really clear what offer you get. There is fencing with a hefty discount, but you have no idea what a particular magazine normally costs. Idea: add the unit price next time. And perhaps even better: as a senior, only offer me magazines that fit my profile. You can expect from a CRM department, which knows how to find me according to the personalized envelope, that there is sufficient knowledge in-house to segment better. Then, on the back of the letter, you must highlight your entire baptismal parcel if you are interested, including the bank account number I discover in the fine print. With a magnifying glass I read that in a 5 or 6pts letter it says that it is a trial subscription for the indicated period. If I adopt a positive basic attitude according to the AI ​​method, you can say “not shot, never hit”. Everything that comes in to the mailing can be regarded as loot with which you can show off in the advertiser market. But you should expect something better from a professional like Sanoma. We’ll just think “it will be corona.”

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