Brabanthallen and Rai see prompt opportunities for events

Admitting only 30 or 100 people to a safe mega hall is out of proportion.

On Broadcasting Brabant this interview explains why (business) meetings, congresses, drive-in concepts and entertainment productions will be ready this summer. The turnover of the Brabanthallen has fallen to zero since mid-March 2020. And the event organizers are also aware that it will not return to the level before the corona crisis, the item reports. But the management of the complex in Den Bosch says that it is now ready for major events. ‘Going out at a concert by Guus Meeuwis is also possible at a meter and a half’, director Jeroen Dona (photo above) also states on RTL. With his huge halls, he is mainly bothered by the maximum of 100 people per event, as has been determined by the government. He calls his enormous space, spread over several rooms, corona-proof. “A maximum of 100 equals zero at this location.” This also applies to the income under these rigid conditions.

Hybrid events
Safe & responsible. Relate capacity to 1.5m and available space. #wijzer-ready, #meeting on safe distance ‘, those involved respond via social to the video item with appropriate hashtags.

More than 100 no problem
At the same time, Yvonne Nassar, head of customer strategy & marketing at Rai Amsterdam and chairman of PIM, will post Linkedin words to the same effect. She reports that she wants to experiment further in July 2020 with a ‘corona-proof Rai’, which can easily and safely welcome more than 100 visitors. She also reports that she fully embraces virtual possibilities, with which her company can serve many more extra guests digitally. What is needed is a policy that also gives large room complexes back space without sacrificing safety. Nassar reports as Rai that he employs an XR specialist, precisely to develop the 3D, VR and AR possibilities. More about these new possibilities at the Rai will follow soon. Nassar: “Events will become more hybrid in any case and that is good news.”

Outdoor events extra option
The Omroep Brabant item and the post of the Rai coincide with the latest news about corona distribution. According to scientific research from Hong Kong, this is hardly the case in the open air. While the Dutch terraces are preparing to reopen with one and a half meters of space between the visitors on 1 June 2020, the scientists involved proved that the outdoor corona virus is hardly contagious. This insight offers extra perspective for events and conferences in the open air, or in rooms with an open roof and windows. Perhaps a huge sliding roof, such as in the Amsterdam Arena, is an extra option for larger conference accommodation. In any case, different reasons for optimism, for those who organize events, speak, present themselves or like to visit. Hopefully the government will cooperate.
(PvWK, photo: screenshot RTL)

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