A new high-end PER to save for retirement

The life insurance broker has just launched an individual retirement savings plan which he describes as “cheaper on the market” despite the high quality services. continues to stand out by offering a new product at low prices. This time, he launched an individual retirement savings plan (PER) simply called PER Direct-placement, relays Capital.

Apart from 25 euros to be paid to join the association subscribing to the contract, the PER has the distinction of being free of fees on payments and those called arbitration. As for management fees, they are limited to 0.60% on all media. “Our PER is the cheapest on the market”, guarantees the general manager of, Gilles Belloir, in a press release.

Many supports

What about other fees? They are on average with those of other PERs. However, the contract is accompanied by many supports. Thus, there are 1,000 units of account. These funds include bonds, stocks but also trackers … which are generally accompanied by high yields when the period is favorable.

Like its competitors, the PER allows its subscriber to choose between free or managed management. The latter offers three risk options: prudent, balanced or dynamic. In the first case, the variation is limited to 5%. It climbs to 15% in the latter. At the same time, regardless of the option chosen, the closer the PER term approaches, the more the allocation to the euro fund provided by Swiss Life increases. This has the merit of limiting the risk.

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