the self-employed will be able to unlock their retirement savings

The Minister of Economy responded to a request from representatives of the independents.

“We will give permission to all independents who wish to release their retirement savings reserves on the Madelin Funds to be able to supplement their income,” announced Bruno Le Maire, Wednesday, at the Economic Affairs Committee of the ‘National Assembly. During this complicated period of confinement, the self-employed will therefore have access to the money they have set aside for their retirement.

A request from the representatives

The Madelin contract referred to by the Minister of the Economy is a retirement savings product reserved for the self-employed and the liberal professions. Set up in 1994, it is replaced by the PERs of the 2019 Pact law. Several situations allow these funds to be released, such as invalidity or the purchase of a main residence. Representatives of the self-employed and the liberal professions demanded that confinement be recognized as one of the situations allowing access to this savings.

Containment, an “exceptional circumstance”

“Only disability, the death of a spouse or even personal bankruptcy give the right to release their retirement savings on the Madelin. By extension, we can therefore ask ourselves the question for liberal doctors: why not anticipate before arriving at dramatic situations? Asked Lionel Viennois, director of the Medical Consulting firm, specializing in social protection at Capital. Faced with this “exceptional circumstance”, as he describes confinement, Bruno Le Maire therefore met the expectations of the self-employed.

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