the revaluation of certain pensions will not take place in May

Some retirees were to see their pensions increase slightly in May, but the measure is delayed due to confinement.

The government had planned this year a mechanism of ” differentiated revaluation ┬╗Retirement pensions. They were normally revised upwards on 1er January according to inflation, but the revaluation in 2020 was to be carried out in two stages, at 1er January and 1er April, explains Le Monde.

Rates of 0.3% and 1% were therefore applied to pensions due for the month of January and paid in early February. On the other hand, for pensions due in April, paid in early May, a recalculation was planned, for the 5% of pensions approaching 2,000 euros. This concerns all basic pensions and whatever the plans, except that of lawyers, specifies the pension insurance to the national newspaper.

The revaluation of certain pensions is postponed for a few months

The government has made it clear, however, that the revaluation and smoothing will not take place as planned due to the containment. The date of the postponement “ will depend on the evolution of the health situation “, specifies the government, “But will only be a few months, between July and September ” The smoothing system concerned pensioners receiving between 2,000 and 2,014 euros in gross pension. The recorded revaluation rates were 0.4%, 0.6% and 0.8%.

About 725,000 people are affected, according to Pension Insurance, by the recalculation, or 5% of the 14.5 million retirees. Pensions will be changed for tens of thousands of them.

Amounts between a few euros and a few tens of euros

Whatever the date of the review, there will be retroactivity from the initial date of entry into force of the measure, that is 1er January, ” for favorable cases, undergoing an upward rate change “, According to the Social Security department. No one will lose: in cases where their revaluation rate drops, ” overpayments will not be recovered “But the rate will be adjusted for the future. The amounts range from a few euros to a few tens of euros. Supplementary pensions are not affected by the revisions.

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