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the processing of mortgage loan files resumes

Banks process all home loan files after a period of slowdown during containment.

Banks idled during containment, but now provide ” Without delay »Processing of mortgage loan files, reports Capital. ” Most (of them) focused as a priority on the files already submitted “, Explains Sandrine Allonier, spokesperson for Vousfinancer. ” Some had even simply stopped studying the files

New loan applications would be few. ” Most banks processed the stock of credits they had accumulated before containment “, Says Sandrine Allonier. ” Credit agreements – for files that get them – are granted quickly, right now, sometimes even in a few days! “Enthuses the broker. The president of the Central Finance Office confirms to the magazine that the banks have resumed processing the files. ” Banks have been able to adapt to containment with the massive use of electronic signatures “Notes Sylvain Lefèvre,” and more generally (thanks to) the digitalization of processes

The trend would be slightly bullish

However, funding conditions have tightened slightly, according to brokers. Meilleurtaux notes that ” the trend is very slightly bullish “, With average rates of 1.15% over 15 years, 1.35% over 20 years and almost 1.60% over 25 years. The Central Bank’s barometer speaks of an average increase of 0.1 point. In addition, larger spreads between borrowers are expected in the future. Less fortunate borrowers can get a rate of 2% over 25 years, although it is still possible to get 1% over 20 years, for the best profiles. ” With wear rates of 2.51%, it is more and more frequent that profiles with less than 50,000 euros of annual income are simply excluded from the credit market “Analyzes Sandrine Allonier. The attrition rate, which includes interest on credit, insurance, and administration and guarantee fees, is the regulatory rate above which banks are prohibited from lending.

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Banking institutions strictly apply the recommendations of the HCSF

In addition, the banks apply, according to Sylvain Lefèvre, president of the Central Finance Office, “ even more strictly than before the recommendations of the High Council for Financial Stability (HCSF) ” Profiles who exceed 33% of debt are mostly asked to forget their real estate project. The repayment of the credit must not exceed more than a third of their income. First-time buyers and small real estate investors are the main targets of these measures.

In addition, for Sylvain Lefèvre, ” banks each have their own policy With regard to income from partial unemployment. ” Some take it into account, others do not ” Sandrine Allonier goes further, saying that some are looking at the borrower’s industry. ” Clearly, establishments fear that an employee in the hotel, restaurant or airline sector will struggle to find a job Laments the spokesperson for Vousfinancer.

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