The Court of Auditors points out errors in the payment of pensions in 2019

The Court of Auditors calls for the automation of pension checks: there are still too many errors in their payments in 2019.

The payment of pensions in 2019 contains many errors, according to the Court of Auditors, which published its report on Tuesday May 19, as part of the certification of the accounts of the general Social Security system. Last year, the caisses paid a total of 835,000 pensions. More than one in seven pensions had at least one error with financial impact, says Capital.

In detail, the Court of Auditors analyzes the old age branch of Social Security, which includes the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav), the 15 pension and occupational health insurance funds (Carsat), the 4 general social security funds (CGSS) and delegated funds for social security for the self-employed (CNDSSTI). Of the 835,000 pensions, 221,500 were subject to legal review. The amount of pension paid was changed retroactively. In addition, 211,500 service reviews were carried out: this is an upward or downward revaluation of the future benefits paid.

The margin of error is one in five pensions in certain pension funds

The Court of Auditors emphasizes in particular that in several funds, the proportion of error is one in five pensions, as at the Cnav in Île-de-France. For instance, ” these errors will have a scope of 1.1 billion euros over the entire duration of retirement pensions ” The most common mistake is taking careers into account (almost 60%): the data is inaccurate or even missing. The Elders explain in their note that there would be problems with the reliability of career data reported by employers and reported to the accounts of the insured. Other reasons, the absence of data exchange agreements with the pension fund, or the fact that employers find it difficult to give this information when they are restarted.

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The Wise Men advise strengthening control systems

The Court of Auditors recommends developing automated controls, computerized data and computer applications to assist agents. Because the lack of checks backfires on the insured, since two thirds of the errors are to their detriment, and they can receive a lower pension. The Elders also recommend strengthening the control systems.

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